Spiritual Awakening

Everyone has the potential within themselves of total awareness, of self-realization, of pure-consciousness. It is often refered to as a lot of names, like cosmic consciousness, Spirit, self-realization, or whatever other way you would like to refer to it. It doesn’t really matter what you refer to it as it, as long as you can take your mind into that place.


To discover your true self can be one of the most exciting and rewarding adventures you could ever hope to go on. The planet is your classroom, and all of us are here to gain experience and become aware of our own true Divinity, within ourselves – in other word to awaken and fulfil our spiritual promise.

Awakening your Soul is not an intellectual process; It’s the state of being and doing. When your heart knows the truth, and it is through the heart that we perceive Spirit.





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What clients say about
our services

Didn't know what to expect

Rated 5 out of 5

I wasn’t sure what this would be like but it turned out to be great. I did the anxiety session and it has really helped reduce my anxiety.

Haylie Bishop

Different but very relaxing

Rated 5 out of 5

I did the secret garden session on Friday and it is such a beautiful place to go to. I didn’t realise how much I was holding onto from the past. I feel like my mind has a reset button pressed and I can start fresh now without all the worry of before.

Deborah Foster

Really worth the money

Rated 5 out of 5

I did the positive pregnancy session and it really helped me to be more confident about my own ability to birth and raise another little human being. Will be coming back again for sure.

Pamela Tanner