The Mother's Day Gift Pack

The Mother's Day Gift Pack


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The Mother’s Day pack is a unique gift and the perfect choice for a busy mum that deserves a break. Help mum melt away the tension, stress and busyness of the day. 

Reducing stress, tension, and the day’s worries improves energy levels and creates a more relaxed, happier life with regular use. This pack contains seven professionally written self-hypnosis audio sessions. Each session has been written and recorded by Paul Smith, one of Sydney’s best Clinical Hypnotherapists. The sessions are downloadable and hers to keep and use forever.

Session 1 is all about rest, relaxation, and reflection. This session can help you develop a deeper connection with those around you, friends, family members, and loved ones. It will leave you rested, relaxed and feeling great. 

Session 2 strengthens your confidence in the body’s ability to heal, repair, and recover by establishing a laser-focused connection between the mind and the body. Your ability to manage stress is significantly improved when your mind and body are aligned. 

Session 3 is all about change. The key to creating success in life is to make small, consistent changes. Just like learning how to walk, one small step at a time gets results. This session reinforces how important small, constant changes are to your overall health and well-being. 

Session 4 focuses on dealing with uncertainty. With everything constantly changing, it’s essential to stay calm and not be in a constant state of stress. During this session, you will be able to wind down the worries, stress, and tensions of a busy day. Creating new positive outcomes that will help you manage whatever life throws at you.

Session 5 is all about sleep. A lack of sleep or not enough deep REM sleep prevents our body from repairing and regenerating healthy cells. Recovery is slower; problems become amplified, and our mood can become unbalanced. You will be guided into a deep, relaxing sleep during this session. You will awaken feeling refreshed and ready for a new day with a positive attitude.

Session 6 helps when you are feeling overwhelmed or uninspired? Reclaim what you’ve been missing! Rediscover your drive and passion with this powerful hypnosis session for greater efficiency, productivity, and success. Develop a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for life.

Session 7 highlights the constant noise from the news and media, the instant society we live in, and how counterproductive it is to get consumed by the continual noise of everyday life. This session will give you balance and harmony so you can make well-judged decisions that feel right for you.

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