Hot Flashes

The hot flash (or flush) is well known as the classic symptom of menopause. For some woman, hot flashes can be unmanageable.
Hot flashes vary from woman to woman, in their intensity the duration and are often the outward sign of internal hormonal changes.


During the menopause levels of estrogen fall dramatically and estrogen is involved in regulating the temperature center in the brain.

When estrogen drops due to menopause the brain gets an ‘incorrect message’ and then thinks the body is too hot, this triggers sweating and sudden heat loss through the skin in an effort to cool down the inside of the body.
Often women find they have the unpleasant experience of waking up at night soaked in sweat.

Hot flashes can be extremely uncomfortable and very embarrassing, lasting from anywhere up to three to five minutes and often occurring many times a day. Research suggests that hypnosis can be an effictive way of treating hot flashes.





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